Healerite Pendant (Sterling Silver & Wire Wrapped)

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3.4 cm x 1.7cm

not a perfect polish

*Please note photo’s are close up and cropped so can result in the item being magnified so please check measurements. The natural sunlight may enhance the beautiful natural colours. Photos are of the actual crystal you are buying

Healerite is a stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians, and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, bringing a great beneficial infusion of subtle matter-energy. Healerite’s currents move into the body quite readily at any point, carrying emanations of well-being to body and soul. This stone resonates strongly with the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, facilitating an elevation and alignment of the vibratory qualities of these three chakras and one’s entire vibrational field.

This crystal energizes the body matrix and creates revelations on the cellular level. It encourages all of the cells along with the internal system to harmonize with each other. Perfect stone to carry or wear if one is feeling ill, hence it’s name. It helps to bring one back to optimum health.

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