Greenstone Toki Pendant (Pounamu)

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Greenstone Toki Pendant (Pounamu)

As seen in photo.

6.2cm drop by 1.6cm by 0.6cm thinkness

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Metaphysical Properties

Greenstone is the name for the nephrite jade that comes from the South Island of New Zealand The Maori Name is Pounamu, the sacred healing stone of Aotearoa New Zealand

Greenstone is very protective and healing. It carries the vibration of Jade. A wonderful stone to wear in times of grief. This I have found to be one of the most intense and beautiful healing stones in the mineral kingdom. Truly one of Aotearoa’s most treasured gifts to humanity.

The toki is now worn around the neck and is said to represent strength because the toki blade had to be strong so as not to break when being used to carve waka and cut trees. And only strong chiefs with a lot of mana could wield the toki poutangata (ceremonial axe).The toki blade represents strength. In traditional Maori society the toki was used in tool and never worn as an adornment. It had two uses. Firstly it was carved into a chunky blade and either lashed to a wooden handle or held in the hand. Here it was used to cut down trees and carve out waka among other things. Secondly it was carved into a finer blade and lashed to an equally ornate wooden handle. These ornate axes were only wielded by strong chiefs in the tribe and were purely ceremonial.

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