STUNNING Large Ocean Jasper Flame/Twist 

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STUNNING Large Ocean Jasper Flame/Twist

The colours are just awesome


8.1cm by 5.6cm by 19.3cm approx

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Metaphysical Properties

If stress is to blame for your recent case of burnout, grab an Ocean Jasper crystal stone A stone of joy and mindful expansion, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning is linked with its ability to encourage deep relaxation, If chronic stress has you treading water, include Ocean Jasper in a healing layout to quiet down a ramped up nervous system.

When it comes to old emotional wounds, the Ocean Jasper crystal healing properties are excellent for soothing past sorrows. To get the most out of these healing benefits, program the stone with the specific intention of healing and letting go. Don’t let the hard times of the past keep you from vibrating at your highest potential today. After all, if you want to get to the next chapter of your life, you must stop re-reading the last chapter. Moving on takes forgiveness and Ocean Jasper gives us the strength to forget our mistakes and the wisdom to remember the lesson. This charismatic stone teaches compassion, reminding us that when we light a lamp for someone, it also brightens our own path.

Healing stone like Ocean Jasper is excellent choice to encourage higher spirits and joy feelings. Yes, Ocean jasper meaning which is very positive and useful for anyone especially those with certain issues. With its metaphysical properties, it channels various benefits to help lift one’s life. It removes negativity and gives positivism

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