Shiva’s Eye/Third Eye Agate X2

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Shiva’s Eye/Third Eye Agate X2

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Metaphysical Properties

Shiva’s Eye Stones are also known as Third Eye Agate or Agate Eyes. They are natural Agate stones with concentric banding of different colors in a circular pattern, and are often a combination of translucent agates and opaque jaspers. These wash up on a riverbank and are carved into the shape of an eye to represent the eye of Shiva.

Shiva’s Eye stones have been highly revered in many cultures for thousands of years. These valued crystals have long been believed to provide protection against evil, enhance psychic abilities, intuition, extrasensory perception, imagination and concentration. They are used to deflect the evil eye, repel negativity and warn of and prevent psychic attack, as they are the watchful and protective eye that does not close and sees beyond appearances. Third Eye Agate can stimulate psychic abilities and aid in developing awareness of the Divine without losing the connection to the Earth. This stone is also used for general protection.

This is the gemstone for people who are sensitive and lonely or easily hurt. Eye Agate can help those who have repressed emotional issues that need to be addressed so that they can let go and heal. Many feel that it can help ease depression. It can be helpful for those who are struggling to find purpose in their lives because it promotes an understanding of the need for deeper meaning. It stimulates the exploration of the unknown and furthers one toward an enlightened state.

Carry this stone to promote creative ability in any project or goal. It encourages one to find solutions rather than focusing on negative aspects or problems in daily life.

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