Shaman Quartz Point

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Shaman Quartz Point

2.1cm by 2.1cm by 5.8cm approx

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Metaphysical Properties

Also going by the names Lodalite, Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz or Garden Quartz, looking into a piece of Shaman Quartz takes you into another world, appearing like an underwater terrain. Meditating with these crystals elevates your mind space in times of confusion, turmoil and reflection. It helps you to reflect on the past and tap into your inner strength, bringing transformative, visionary experiences.

Shaman Quartz Crystal is a powerful journeying crystal that helps to induce trances, visionary experiences, and soul healing. Shaman Quartz crystal assists communication with the spirit realm and has a strong association with Mother Earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature

Shaman Quartz Crystal is an excellent crystal tool working best with the subtle energy levels of being rather than the physical. Shaman Quartz Crystal may be used as an anti-viral when held over the thymus at the first sign of cold or flu.

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