Rare Mtorolite Chrome Chalcedony

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6.1cm by 4.8cm by 2.5cm thickness approx


This is thick enough to be used for cutting material for making jewellery

Mtorolite Chrome Chalcedony is said to bring calm acceptance and trust through the stresses and challenges of our lives. It brings the ability to cope with difficult situations in a peaceful and harmonious way. Meditation with this stone can assist one in understanding your highest purpose on the planet. Motrolite calms the entire auric field, instilling peace and harmony into your life. It helps you to believe in your own abilities and recourses to deal with the situations that you are in and gives you the wisdom that you will overcome what you are experiencing and accept the position you are in with that situation.

This is a VERY RARE gemstone and originates out of two very small mining claims in Zimbabwe and only in small quantities. It is highly prized by lapidaries, carvers & jewelers throughout the world and holds wonderful crystal healing properties

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