RARE Infinite Stone

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RARE Infinite Stone

4.6cm by 2.4cm by 1.5cm approx

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Metaphysical Properties

Infinite stone is a type of green serpentine: a mixture of serpentine and chrysotile. Found in South Africa, this stone is considered to be one of the most powerful in its group. Green serpentine, from which it is derived, gets its name from its green color and slightly snake-like appearance. Chrysotile, the other “parent” of infinite, is more of a beige color. You can imagine how the combination of these two stones results in the light, calming green color of infinite stone

Infinite stone has become what is considered a healer’s stone. Infinite is thought to be a great worry stone. This particular stone may help with decreasing negative thoughts and actions and relieving its user of stress and pain. Infinite may aid those who struggle to have restful sleep when it is placed under their pillows before bed. When you combine the energetic healing methods, restructuring of the auric field, removal of emotional issues, help with sleep, and assistance in bolstering your connection to the angelic realms, it is clear that the powers of infinite can benefit almost anyone in some area of life.

ts energies will soothe and renew your physical and etheric energies. It will activate kundalini and remove the negativity from your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies. It will also heal and safeguard your auric field. The frequencies of Infinite Stone are connected to the heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base chakras. It’s a stone that will cleanse your energy fields of any negative blockage or energy, facilitating a free flow of energy and an increase in your vibrations. Infinite Stone’s cleansing effects will also help clear your emotional patterns that are in place on a cellular level.

It will help you become more sensitive to the energetic emanations from the earth and keep you safe from environmental and energetic pollution. Through your base chakra, Infinite Stone will help your etheric body repair the tears and seal the holes within your etheric web. It will increase your vibrational energies and help you overcome issues that are related to energy loss. Infinite Stone will align your energy fields with the earth to boost healing and to revitalize you.

It will protect you from energetic and electromagnetic pollution by insulating and shielding your aura. This stone will also encourage you to be more open to developing your psychic abilities!

Infinite Stone can help with the treatment of joints and the soothing of muscles. It can also support the treatment of connective tissues. It can also help in fighting off fatigue and strengthening the immune system.

Infinite Stone will bring luck, fortune, prosperity and abundance in your life. This stone is associated with energies of good health, good nourishment, and new beginnings. It will increase your drive to achieve more and to make the right decisions.

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