RARE Fairy Quartz Wand

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RARE Fairy Quartz Wand

8.9cm by 2cm approx


Fairy quartz is a baby spirit quartz, which has milky white points in it that’s covered with druse –an incrustation of small crystals on its surface. It’s also referred to as the fairy crystal or fairy finger quartz. This stone has a gentle, subtle energy, which is soothing and bright at the same time.

Fairy Wands are beautiful and delicate Quartz crystals with an energy that mirrors their ethereal appearance. The frequencies of Fairy Wand Quartz activate the crown and etheric chakras, stimulating communion with angelic presences. These allies can help one to feel aligned with the intelligence and caring of higher-frequency helper beings and one’s own guardian angels. The ability to connect one to higher-frequency beings, makes Fairy Wand Quartz useful in opening to channel information or energy from the higher domains. Its vibration is quite unlike the sometimes overwhelming or intense energy of other channeling stones. This ally’s energy is soft, gentle and cooperative, a more gradual and progressive attunement to the higher realms. Fairy Wand Quartz can help those who become easily over charged by higher frequencies, or within whom higher energies may cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizzying or spaciness.

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