RARE Brookite (One of…

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RARE Brookite (One of The Synergy 12 Stones)

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RARE Brookite (One of The Synergy 12 Stones

sorry expensive and fragile so only offering parcel post

4.4 cm by by 2.6cm approx

*Please note photo’s are close up and cropped so can result in the item being magnified so please check measurements. The natural sunlight may enhance the beautiful natural colours. Photos are of the actual crystal you are buying.


Brookite is a high vibration stone that has a powerful effect within the higher chakras. Helps connect you with beings that are waiting to assist you within the higher realms.

This stone may help you to expand your awareness, and it is extremely effective if you are seeking to become conscious of your spirit guides.

It may assist you to attract and retain energy, and it has a strong action to aid development of your spiritual gifts.

It may aid you to contact angels, and you may also find that you meet specific guides, or teachers, that will help you on your journey to gain a greater awareness of your spiritual path.

Brookite generally occurs as very small tabular crystals, and they may be found on a matrix of other stone or occasionally in quartz. Their color varies, but it is usually black, dark grey, or shades of brown including reddish brown and white.

Brookite is a “Bridge Crystal” that succeeds in grounding the higher spectrum of our Chakra centers with the lower. Generally the third eye region of our spectrum is often confused about the activities and actions of the root region. Brookite allows more clarity between the higher and lower centers so they are able to work in conjunction with one another in full realization of their individual purpose.

Brookite as a bridge crystal also assists those who primarily use lower Chakras in discovering the essence of their higher self. This allows us to begin to utilize energies that may have been hidden or obscure to us prior to utilizing it.

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