Peach Moonstone/Smokey Quartz/Tourmaline Sphere 6.4cm

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Semi Polished Peach Moonstone and Tourmaline Point

390gm  6.4cm

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Metaphysical Properties

Peach Moonstone help’s bring everything into alignment and help re-align you with your divine path. Its a high Source energy to support those who feel they are completely lost in life, have lost their way, and can’t see forward to see or feel what their next step should be.vNoonstone helps to find your soul purpose, your life purpose and your physical being back into harmony with Source and the Divine, and helps to bring you back on track on your life path. Peach Moonstone helps to calm your nervous system and brings it back into harmony. It harmonises your organ system and calms the physical body, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and re-centring the Soul Being within the body and aligning it with the Earth and the Divine.

Moonstone holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy, and this energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body, and will nurture your spirit.

This beautiful crystal has a powerful vibration that may heighten psychic abilities, and aid you to embrace your gifts. Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, and you may benefit by putting this vibration to work in your life. This is a wonderful crystal with a vibration that will assist women to recognize and embrace their innate personal power. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon. Within men, its energy may influence your brain, and aid you to become more emotionally balanced, as the right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative. They embody the energy of the Divine Feminine, and this may soothe overly aggressive women, and help you to feel confidence and serenity within your life. Once you begin to have this crystal within your auric field, you may find that you begin to experience a greater number of synchronistic or serendipitous situations.

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