Orchid Calcite

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Orchid Calcite

5.5cm by 3.7cm by 2.9cm approx

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Metaphysical Properties

Orchid Calcite is refreshing to the mind, body and spirit. It is a stone that encourages the being to take steps forward instead of backwards, helping to raise confidence and courage. This is a beneficial stone to help ease fears and worries, clearing through anxiety and emotional upset.

CALCITE is known as a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy that may help with cleansing negative energy from a space, removing stagnant energy from the body, opening to higher awareness and psychic abilities, channelling, creating emotional intelligence, encouraging hope and motivation, laziness, calming the mind, stimulating insight and boosting memory, filtering out important information, study, emotional stress, trusting yourself

In addition to the generic properties of Calcite, ORCHID CALCITE, known as the ‘Stone of Promise’ may help with planning with confidence for the future, grounding, courage and confidence, willpower, determination and enthusiasm.

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