Natural Blue Sapphire

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Natural Blue Sapphire

3cm by 1.2cm by 1.5cm approx


Sapphire is a stone of intuition and meditation. Using a sapphire during meditation can enhance ones innate intuition and bring to light all manner of creative expression that can be locked within the self. In this, sapphire is excellent not only for Light workers but also for artists and other creatives.

Sapphire is used to bring joy, peace, and beauty through meditation into this plane. It can bring fulfillment of dreams and prosperity.

Many times sapphire is used for protection in psychic work, as well as in the every day realm. It has strong energy for general protection.

Mental and Emotional Properties

Sapphire is beneficial for mental clarity. It lessens confusion and shows the way to hope. It can bring this hope into life where there was hopelessness. This relieves depression and can ease anxieties, as often we tend to make more of the negative of a situation and forget the positive. Seeing a situation clearly brings relief from these negative, muddy thought patterns. Sapphire also can improve communication by bringing this clarity.

Physical Conditions Properties

Physically it is used in crystal healing for lowering fevers, burns and inflammation. It is also used for hearing problems, cancer, insomnia, clinical depression, bleeding, blood vessels, hair loss, vision problems, viruses, back ache, nails, and skin problems. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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