Large Staurolite with Garnet

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Large Staurolite with Garnet

10.9cm by by 4,2cm approx


Metaphysical Properties

Staurolite is also known as fairy stones, fairy crosses, fairy tears, cross stone, or baseler taufstein, which translates to baptismal stone.

Staurolite stimulates all chakras and facilitates centring and grounding helping one to feel safe and secure in this physical reality. Staurolite has traditionally been used to raise consciousness to devic reality, enabling a sharing of wisdom with the keepers of the Earth.

Staurolite can be used to enhance ones experience of lucid dreaming and astral travel, whilst providing protection.

Staurolite may be useful in calming fever.

Staurolite has been used to treat depression and anxiety.

Staurolite assists in treating and harmonizing muscle tissue growth.

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