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11.5cm by 6cm by 6.8cm high approx.


Called an “Ascension Stone”, Apophyllites are also noted for bringing light and clarity to emotional situations, breaking through old blockages, and for promoting an explorative nature which moves us toward bringing the truth out into the open. Deception is hindered in the presence of Apophyllite; you’ll have trouble even deceiving yourself

These Apophyllite Crystals can help one to increase intuition, connect with guides, and practice remote viewing and astral travel. Apophyllite can help one to plan for their future with certainty, despite any negative past experiences. Apophyllite can be very healing and is often used in Reiki sessions

Apophyllite Pyramids can transfer ideas gathered from the higher domains to be used with the conscious mind. Meditating with an Apophyllite Pyramid on the Third Eye Chakra can not only enhance one’s psychic visions and clairvoyance, but it can also promote structure and organization in daily life.

Stilbite is strongly connected to the third eye chakra as well, assisting one in the dream state, and allowing for pleasant dreams. For someone that needs help in falling asleep, stilbite can be held in your hands, place it on your third eye or place it on the headboard of your bed to invoke the calming effects of stilbite in your sleep.

When stilbite and apophylloite occur together, this enhances the effect of their energy. This combination of stones, which is pretty common, will allow interdimensional travel from apophylloite to become more heart centered and gentler by the stilbite energy.

Stilbite allows the person to be free from too many external influences including fear, and assists one in making decisions and choices that are correct for the evolvement of this person’s spiritual path

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