Greenstone Hook Pendant (Pounamu)

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Greenstone Hook Pendant (Pounamu)

As seen in photo.

6.6cm drop by 5.9cm by 0.7cm thinkness

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Metaphysical Properties

Greenstone is the name for the nephrite jade that comes from the South Island of New Zealand The Maori Name is Pounamu, the sacred healing stone of Aotearoa New Zealand

Greenstone is very protective and healing. It carries the vibration of Jade. A wonderful stone to wear in times of grief. This I have found to be one of the most intense and beautiful healing stones in the mineral kingdom. Truly one of Aotearoa’s most treasured gifts to humanity.

The fish hook represents strength, determination, prosperity and good health. To gift a fish hook to someone wished the wearer safe passage over water.

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