Gemmy Emerald in Mica/Schist

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Gemmy Emerald in Mica/Schist

6cm drop by 2.8cm by 2.2cm approx  a couple of natural cavities in the polish

*Please note photo’s are close up and cropped so can result in the item being magnified so please check measurements. The natural sunlight may enhance the beautiful natural colours. Photos are of the actual crystal you are buying.

Metaphysical Properties

Although Emerald is a stone of prosperity and riches, it is not just a materialistic stone. It also encourages spiritual growth, clear vision, memory, faith, intelligence and communication, inspiration, joy, intuition, clairvoyance, sensuality, love, romance, beauty, harmony, tranquility, serenity, clarity, cleansing, justice, friendship and unity.

Brings security in love. It allows access to the mystery we hold deepest in our hearts, thereby healing and activating our highest hearts desire. Emerald’s harmonic energies help make your relationship more successful and promotes domestic bliss.

A powerful stone of psychic insight, prophecy, and abundance.

Emerald is best known as a stone of both spiritual love and spiritual healing, and is the stone most frequently recommended for the “wounded healer,” healers who take on their clients’ issues or who don’t focus enough on their own healing. It is also a crystal related to abundance and creativity.

Keep an Emerald in your work space. It improves your memory & increases your mental skills. The gem brings greater focus, allowing you to see the best solutions, giving you the tools you need to overcome challenges & motivates you to act.

Strengthen heart Chakra for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity, honesty. Lift depression and insomnia. Excellent general healer.


All Healing professions, Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance, Counselors, Psychiatrists,

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