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Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore)

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When Chalcopyrite is exposed to acid, its color palette changes to deep purple, blues, violets, and yellows and is commonly referred to as “Peacock Ore

The Peacock Ore stone is a stone of happiness and joy. It is believed that this crystal is capable of healing, channelling energies within the human being and also removing all that is negative from our body and mind.

Chalcopyrite, also called Peacock Ore, is an uplifting stone. It is believed to ground nervous energy and allow the body and mind to let go of stress and become calm. It may be used to enhance our perception and to awaken inner sight. Chalcopyrite is thought to remove energy blockages, cleanse, and activate while aligning the chakras and energetic bodies at the same time. Similarly, It is an excellent aid when needing to increase self-esteem, banish fears and doubts, and soothe emotions.

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