Blue Lace Agate Chip Bracelet

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Blue Lace Agate Chip Bracelet

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Metaphysical Properties

Serene and calming, blue lace agate is known for its gentle way of bringing peace of mind. It is one of the great nurturing and supportive stones. Its soft energy is cooling, which is especially helpful during warm summer days. This type of agate is known as the stone of ultimate communication because it frees your throat chakra, allowing you to express your thoughts and emotions.

This crystal is also helpful for those who are working on their spiritual path. It helps you to express your spiritual truth in a manner that is not threatening to others. This stone links your thoughts to your spiritual vibration and brings in deeply peaceful feelings. When directed properly, it enhances sound healing practices.

Blue Lace Agate will boost your ability to communicate, especially the thoughts and feelings that you receive from your higher self. This is a soothing and nurturing stone, that will bring you calmness and peace of mind

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