Aragonite Star (Sputnik)

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Small Aragonite Star from Morocco

awesome white and brown combination

7cm by 5.7cm by 3cm width approx

Metaphysical uses for Aragonite include:

Providing for ease of centering oneself.
Helping during periods of stress and anger. Enhancing one’s patience and helps one to maintain a sense of balance. Combating chills and bringing warmth to extremities.

Traditionally aragonite is a grounding stone, wonderful for deep, peaceful meditation; as it also uplifts emotions. Centering it offers one a clear overview, patience under stress and helps us navigate business/managerial/personal challenges with a clear head and steady hand.

The Aragonite crystal clusters show us how the individual relates to the universe as a whole. They radiate outward from the center as a seed, or individual soul, that grows and manifests itself through life’s experiences and events.

Aragonite is a good stone for family and companionship, Aragonite is also a calming stone which eases inner restlessness and nerves.

Aragonite is a stabilizer and grounding stone, and aids emotional balance. A centering stone, Aragonite directs energy and self-discipline and helps one to persevere and move past old limitations and experience more of what life has to offer.

These stones are powerful allies for the healing and balancing of the emotional body. They can assist in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds. Mediation with these beautiful stones can open the inner eye to visionary experiences of past lives and forgotten events in this lifetime.

It is beneficial for patience, emotional stress, anger, reliability, acceptance, flexibility, tolerance, pain (especially lower back), grounding, wound healing, Reynaud’s disease, chills, bones, calcium absorption, disc elasticity, night twitches, muscle spasm, immune system, regulates processes.
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