Agnitite Tumble x1

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Agnitite Tumble x1

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Metaphysical Properties

The Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Agnitite

Agnitite is a type of quartz from an island of the coast of Africa. Its name is derived from the sanscript word agni, meaning fire. It is characterised by reddish streaks of hematite that run through some pieces, although many of the stones do not display the inclusions. Much of the material is rather milky and translucent.

The currents of Agnitite are powerful and often make the body feel warm or even hot. They tend to enter through the crown chakra, working their way down to the heart, and flowing from there throughout the body. Agnitite stimulates the entire liquid crystal body matrix, and helps the body learn to resonate in vibrational unity. It can enhance qualities such as intuition, healing, strength of will, a sense of ones purpose, and awareness of one’s shared consciousness with that of the world at large. As one’s body currents harmonise in resonance with those of agnitite, one may discover an increased sensititvity to other crystals and stones, including those still in the ground! Agnitite is recommended as an aid to rockhounds seeking stones ‘in the wild’ and to those who work meditatively to discover the qualities of the stones.

For spiritual self healing agnitite is recommended to those wishing to purify the blood and cellular tissues. It can act as a detoxifying influence at the same time it energizes all of one’s systems.

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