Lithium Coated Candle Quartz 520gm

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Lithium Coated Candle Quartz

Weighs approx 520gm
Measures 7.5cm x 8cm by 7.2cm approx

Lithium Coated Candle Quartz is a powerful healing crystal that can calm those who are stressed; keeping nightmares at bay and ease tension and anxiety. Since the Lithium is layered on Candle Quartz it brings the added qualities of harmony, equilibrium and connection to nature. Its energy is comprehensive, soothing and indispensible. It helps to calm the soul so you can open doorways to your personal sacred truths.

Candle Quartz has a texture that resembles softened candle wax, with a milky colour.  Candle Quartz is said to heighten our understanding of both ourselves and the world in which we live.

Candle Quartz is a enigmatic crystal with a mild but robust and persistent energy that brings the heart and intellect into alignment, encouraging self-acceptance. It brings light facilitating faith and wellbeing where there was sorrow, bleakness and agony. Light workers will love this crystal and use it to its fullest potential.
Candle Quartz is a heart stone. It can open, balance and pacify the heart chakra.
Candle Quartz Crystals have an extraordinary high energy that can be brought into reality and every day life, and yet they are also excellent at grounding.

It is suggested that Ancient knowledge from Atlantis can be accessed and insights into heart centered issues be seen. This can be achieved by Scrying with the Candle Quartz .

Lithium Quartz

The ‘Stone of Lift’, helps to lift away depression, negative thought and feeling , as well as being a natural purifier for different sources.

Lithium Quartz assists the being thorough any battle in the lifting and removing of depression and its associates such as anxiety and reoccurring negative thought.

This stone lifts away built up seemingly trapped negativity in its numerous forms, reporting and sending it back to the universe to be cleansed and healed as necessary.

Lithium Quartz can be very helpful in the healing of past “wounds”, as well as in the healing of ancestral beings and happenings. A stone that can help to lift causes of energy blockage to the surface from source, in order for cleansing and release. Lithium Quartz makes a great comforter and healer to the being who has suffered abuse in its numerous forms.

A stone that gently bring the mind, body and spirit back to its happiest and purest self. Lithium Quartz instills the being with deep peace and tranquility. Lithium Quartz lifts away negative and heavy atmosphere replacing them with calm and a touch of spiritual wisdom.

Use Lithium Quartz to heal rifts and grief between family members, friends and those on the outside or created bonds and circles.

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